Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Top 500 CTS Automatic Hemostasis Analyzer

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The ACL TOP 500 CTS is a highly functional system that makes the testing process automated. It is ideal for labs that receive medium to high volume tasks every day. It also has excellent testing abilities. Complete automation makes the operator productive. It also has an impressive menu for routine as well as specialty assays, which makes it perfect for a wide array of needs in the laboratory.

Technical specifications:

Test menu: Clotting, chromogenic and immunological assays
Continuous sample and reagent loading: Yes
Continuous operation: Yes
Sample and reagent transport system: Rack
Samples onboard: 80 (10 per rack)
Closed-tube sampling: Yes (cap piercing)
Reagents onboard: 40 (refrigerated)
Reagent barcode reader: Yes (intergrated)
Barcoded reagents: Yes (barcode includes lot, exp. date and vail size)
Cuvettes onboard: 800
Applications onboard: 500 (250 user-definable)
Test/sample: 30
Throughput: PT – 240 tests/hr, APTT – 180 tests/hr
Sample predilution: Yes
Calibration curve predilution: Yes
Factor parallelism: Yes
Re-run and reflex testing: Yes (configurable)
Reaction curves display: Yes
Quality control program: Yes (with configurable multi rules)
Result autovalidation: Yes
Patient sample results database: 20.000 samples (configurable)
Events log system: Yes
Bidirectional interface: Yes
Host query function: Yes
Unit dimensions (H x D x W): 730 x 820 x 1100 mm
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