Vision and mission


LabMakelaar Benelux strives for a world with a strong circular economy, in which companies have easy access to a total solution for the design and equipment of their laboratory with high quality and recycled material.


LabMakelaar Benelux helps its clients to realise their projects with recycled products and quality material at relatively low pricing. We do this by collecting high-quality material in different ways in order to offer them in an attractive way via a central hub to companies requiring a laboratory, so they can be serviced by one central organisation.

LabMakelaar attaches great importance to:

  • Products and materials being used again and therefore retain their value.
  • Products that fully align with the demands and expectations of clients.
  • Employees being able to create an open culture based on integrity, trust and respect.
  • A constructive and pleasant way of collaboration, both internally as well as with external parties.
  • Using opportunities that realise and organise more chain cooperation, use less raw materials and produce less waste.

Materials not meeting the quality standards to be disposed of correctly in the chain, so that raw materials can be extracted again.

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