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Here you will find all the information for buyers.

Buying instruments and supplies?
New laboratory instruments are often very expensive.’s laboratory marketplace allows you to easily get in touch with providers of used laboratory instruments and inventory via LabMakelaar. In this way you may be able to find your desired laboratory instruments very cheaply.

LabMakelaar takes care of the mediation between buyer and seller to complete the purchase or sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I offer products for sale myself?
You can do this easily by registering on our website, registering as a seller and agreeing to the “Platform Conditions”. You can then offer your equipment on the Laboratory Marketplace in consultation with LabMakelaar.

Can LabMakelaar publish the instruments for me on the website?
Yes that is possible. By registering as a seller on our site, you agree to our Platform Terms.

In case of incidental registrations, you can then send the following required information by email to

The description of the instrument such as brand / type / etc.
The age and technical condition
The new price and your asking price
Photos of key parts and wear parts
We request specific information for specific equipment. The more you can indicate, the greater the chance that a buyer will be found quickly.

Who is responsible for the content of the advertisements?
The provider is at all times responsible for the published content and is also liable if the sold instrument does not correspond to the description. The provider is therefore responsible for any complaints. In mediation, if a purchase does not meet the agreed conditions or expectations: “not good, money back”.

See also our Platform Conditions.

How does the price come about?
A brokerage fee of 21% is due for the services of LabMakelaar. The published sale price includes this 21% brokerage fee.

Do I have to pay VAT on the published price?
Yes, VAT is due on the published prices. As a buyer, you must also take transport costs into account.

Can I get help with the negotiation?
Yes, LabMakelaar does its utmost to realize a good price for your offer.

How are potential buyers found?
1. Every month LabMakelaar sends a newsletter to more than 10,000 e-mail addresses, in which a selection of the articles on offer is published.
2. In addition, efficient “Ads” campaigns are active to direct potential buyers to the laboratory marketplace.
3. LabMakelaar knows the demand in the market and actively approaches the existing network with the instruments offered by, among other things, direct customer visits.
4. LabMakelaar also offers its customers the opportunity to submit a “wish list” for a search; there are no costs associated with this search!

What is the average time between publication and sale?
That strongly depends on the asking price and the quality of the instrument offered. But on average, an instrument is sold within 1 to 6 months.

How is a transaction handled after agreement?
LabMakelaar takes care of the settlement of the entire financial transaction. Sending the instrument is done in consultation with both the buyer and seller. If necessary, our specialized movers and transporters are used for transport.
For specific equipment, LabMakelaar can, if desired, contact specialized companies or the original local supplier for possible deinstallation and (re)installation of the equipment, complete with IQ/OQ/PQ.

What about the warranty of the instruments?
A warranty period of 1-6 months applies to many instruments that LabMakelaar has put on the marketplace itself. This will be published with the advertisement.

The warranty conditions are discussed in advance on purchases for which LabMakelaar provides mediation.

PAY ATTENTION! All items offered on our website are always subject to availability, subject to interim sale.

Equipment with the statement “stock” is equipment that is in stock in our warehouse in Zevenhuizen.
Equipment with the mention “by intermediation” is equipment that is offered by third parties on our website. We mediate in the sale between supplier and buyer.

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