How do I search?

Within our website there are various options to find what you are looking for.

Via the search bar at the top of our website you can enter a search query using keywords. This can be given all over our website (leave the filter on “all”), or you can search in a specific category. To do this, change the filter from “all” to the relevant category and then enter your search term.

In addition, we use various search filters on the product pages. This allows you to search within a category, by brand, condition and warranty.

Stock/by intermediation:
Equipment with the mention “stock” is equipment that is in stock at our warehouse in Zevenhuizen (these can be recognized by article numbers that start with LM or IC).
Equipment with the mention “by intermediation” is equipment that is offered by third parties on our website. We mediate in the sale between supplier and buyer.

Not available:
Equipment marked “not available” is equipment that is (temporarily) unavailable for sale at the time of display. This may be because it has been reserved for a customer or has been temporarily rented out. If you are interested in an item that is not available, please contact us.

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