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What does it take?

There is a lot involved when building or renovating a laboratory. Not every organization does this daily. That is why it always turns out to be quite a job to identify the right choices. What do you have to take into account when building or renovating a laboratory? LabMakelaar can help you with this. Whether it is a new laboratory to be built or a redesign of a laboratory. To help you on your way, we are happy to give you a few tips.

Requirements, wishes and possibilities
Before construction or renovation is started, it is necessary to map out the requirements, wishes and possibilities. Consider how much budget is available, what work processes are going to take place, what are the safety requirements, what equipment do I need, when must delivery be made, what is the capacity of the space, does it concern a new or existing construction and is my laboratory future-proof?

Naturally, the basic requirements for the space are leading. An important question here is which work processes will take place in the laboratory. Think carefully about this before you start designing the room. You want to keep the process flow as short as possible, but you should never lose sight of safety.

Directly brings us to the question what safety requirements are needed for the research processes. Based on the safety requirements the use of materials and equipment for the laboratory furnishings, but also the construction and the climate control are determined.

The next question is of course what budget is available to realize the plans. A large budget is not always required to purchase furniture and equipment. With a more limited budget, it is also possible to refurbish a laboratory. By reusing existing parts such as frames of the work tables or cabinets, it is possible to save considerably on costs. Of course, furniture and equipment can also be purchased circularly (second-hand). Through our website you can view our current range and see what we can do for you in this. Circular purchasing is not only good for your budget, but also directly contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility and to the objective of the Dutch government, “The Netherlands Circular in 2050”.

In addition, there are many other factors that need to be mapped out before you start the (re) construction. What dimensions does the equipment have? What is the weight of the equipment? What is the load-bearing capacity of the floor? Is the laboratory easy to clean?
To keep a laboratory clean, extensive thought must be given to plug openings, transitions and gaps to be closed. Depending on the safety level to be used, cleaning is a more important item than you may think in advance. Cleaning is sometimes overlooked.

We can help you
In short, you cannot simply build or renovate a laboratory. LabMakelaar has the right knowledge and experience to make your plans a success. Please contact us so together we can look for the best solutions for your situation.

Set up a laboratory

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