Warranty conditions Labmakelaar Benelux (hereafter also ‘LabMakelaar’) 

All used laboratory equipment that is offered and coded with ‘LM’ or ‘IC’ in the article number on the website of LabMakelaar Benelux has thoroughly been inspected and operationally tested before being shown on the website.  Also, the equipment will – if possible – be approved according to NEN 3140.  On the approved equipment a coloured inspection sticker will be placed.  Before the equipment leaves our warehouse it will be tested again and well packaged. 

On new goods the valid manufacturer’s warranty is applicable, as from the date of delivery to the Buyer (including the possible ‘trial period’). These warranty conditions do not intend to extend or modify the manufacturer’s warranty. In case of new products the maximum claim  that applies is the claim that the Buyer makes against the manufacturer for which the following provisions, in so far as they include a claim of the Buyer to the LabMakelaar, do not apply. 

On furniture LabMakelaar offers a three (3) month warranty term. 

On used instruments, unless specified otherwise, LabMakelaar offers a warranty term of six (6) month, as from the date of delivery to the Buyer. This warranty is applicable for all ‘LM’ and ‘IC’ coded instruments and applicable to the operation of purchased goods and solely  applies to parts. 

In exceptional cases a longer warranty term may apply to used goods, which is clearly pre-agreed in writing. 

Excluded from warranty are: consumables (disposables), lamps, batteries, liquids, filters, defects caused by wrong use, light visible damage and/or signs of wear and tear. 

Fume- and flow hoods, biological safety cabinets, powder safety cabinets and point extraction are delivered without (warranty on) filters. LabMakelaar advises Buyer to purchase a new filter at all times. 

Defects in any goods delivered which fall under the guarantee, will, exclusively at the discretion of LabMakelaar –  be either repaired or replaced by a new delivery. LabMakelaar reserves the right at all times not to repair goods if the cost of repair exceeds the value of the goods by 15%. In that case LabMakelaar shall offer an alternative or make a (partial) refund of the purchase price. 

If within the warranty term a defect takes place in the supplied equipment, LabMakelaar shall  initially try to resolve the complaint remotely. If this is not possible, the Buyer must send the goods, carriage paid, to LabMakelaar. Equipment needs to be cleaned before delivery in such a way that members of staff of LabMakelaar have no risk of contamination nor do third parties engaged by her, and shall be provided at all times with a hazard clearance declaration issued by an authorized person (of which an example is available at LabMakelaar).

Repair under warranty will in principal be executed by the Technical Service of LabMakelaar, during normal working hours. LabMakelaar reserves the right to have warranty-related activities (be) performed outside its company, if this is, in the opinion of LabMakelaar, to the benefit of those activities, or if the performance of such activities within LabMakelaar are not possible or undesirable. 

If LabMakelaar needs to have warranty-related activities (be) performed outside its company, LabMakelaar is entitled to invoice the related travel- and accommodation expenses to the Buyer, as well as possible (special) costs of transportation, packaging and insurance and the cost of test equipment and materials to be used. 

If the goods offered for repair to LabMakelaar do not show any defects, the Buyer shall be obliged to compensate LabMakelaar for costs actually incurred. 

All warranty claims will be invalid if the Buyer makes any changes and/or performs any repairs to the deliverables or has them made, or if the deliverables are not accurately used or handled according to the supplied or applicable (manufacturer’s) instructions or user manual, or are used or handled in any other improper manner, or if a software adjustment has taken place in or with regard to the deliverables which is not done by LabMakelaar, or if the deliverables are used or applied for any other purposes than for which they are intended, or if the deliverables are used in a manner that could not reasonably be anticipated by LabMakelaar.  

If the Buyer does not fulfil one or more of his obligations then LabMakelaar is released from his warranty obligations. 

Fulfilment of the warranty obligation prevails as sole and full compensation.

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