Quicktest safety cabinet

It is important that your safety cabinet is checked regularly.

Quicktest veiligheidskasten LabMakelaar

Do you buy a safety cabinet from LabMakelaar? Then you will receive a test report. Before they are transported, all cabinets are subjected to a quick test by us. This way you have the certainty that the most vital parts of the cabinet work when the cabinet leaves our warehouse. The quick test consists of a check on the following parts:

• Integrity profile (HEPA / ULPA filter test)
• Air velocity measurements
• Flow profile
• Control alarm systems

The guidelines for these procedures are described in: EN 12469: 2000.

In addition to this quick test, we always recommend full validation when it is placed with you.
It is important that the safety cabinet is checked regularly.

We call this check a validation and is laid down in the standard NEN-EN 12469 (2000). This standard describes the performance requirements of a microbiological safety cabinet and the tests that must be performed during a validation.

There are fixed times when a validation must take place. This is before the first use, when changing the location of the safety cabinet and before the annual inspection.

Your purchase should be tested before you start working with it to make sure it is satisfactory and your employees can work safely.

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. works for the quick test and validation with ValidR, a company that specializes in validation of microbiological safety cabinets.

Would you like more information or would you like to make an appointment? Please contact us or ValidR.

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