Appraiser of Laboratory Inventory

the only specialised assessor of lab equipment in the Benelux

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. is the only specialised assessor of lab equipment in the Benelux.

Have you suffered damage due to fire, theft or other causes, and would you like your laboratory and analysis equipment or inventory assessed? We offer all the necessary information.

For the assessment of lab and analysis equipment, specialised knowledge of the market is vital. LabMakelaar offers this information to banks, insurance companies, trustees, buyers, risk managers and many others who want a lab assessed.

We have years of experience (since 1978) with companies such as Chrompack/Varian, Pharmacia-LKB/Amersham/GE Healthcare, Hanna Instruments BV and Biochrom Ltd., so we have gathered very broad knowledge and experience, both nationally and internationally. By participating in numerous networks, we are able to deliver the right instruments and consumables, but above all to combine knowledge and experience. Use that knowledge by consulting LabMakelaar: independent, personal and efficient. Contact LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. to have your lab assessed. We would happily explain the possibilities to you during a personal consultation.

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