LabTechnology 2024


LabTechnology 2024

Climate change, population growth, food and drinking water scarcity, fluctuating prices and increasing pressure on healthcare…all are challenges and transitions that both governments and industries are currently facing. Laboratory technology, as seen recently with the corona pandemic, can quickly provide effective solutions. For instance, laboratories adapted their activities in no time and scaled up to also develop tests and vaccines in record time.

Lab Technology brings researchers and professionals working around the lab together to work faster, more flexibly and more safely; together towards Lab Technology 2.0!
The increasing demand for lab-related solutions in response to current transitions demands speed, flexibility and greater safety. Moving towards Lab Technology 2.0, highlighting, discussing and demonstrating lab-related (partial) solutions to meet these challenges is essential. Lab Technology on 28 May is therefore the platform where the lab and tech worlds meet to realise this together.

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