Grifols ID-Gelstation Immunohaematology System

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Fully automated instrument for the processing of DG Gel cards for blood typing. Its “walk away” system is designed for automatic, continuous and integrated processing of  all the steps in the different techniques of blood typing and investigation of unexpected antibodies.
Positive indentification of samples and reagents with batch and expiration control and compatibility verification.
Monitoring of levels of regents, diluents and wash and disposal solutions.
Dilution station with auto-wash, non-disposable.
Automatic verification by imaging of dispensing in all the wells.
Incubation of cards.
Centrifugation of cards.
Digitized results reading.
Results interprertation.
Report generation.
Techniques: Full ABO/Rh blood group typing (forward and reverse), Rh + Kell Phenotype, Weak D, Crossmatch test, Unexpected antibody screening, Identification of unexpected antibodies, Enzyme assays, Direct Coombs test, Determination of special antigens, Self diagnostic
Sample capacity: 48 samples, 24 DG Gel cards
Reagent capacity: 18 reagents (16 reagent vials and 2 diluents)
Centrifuge capacity: 12 DG Gel cards (96 tests)
Liquid-level monitoring: Yes, continuous

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