Siemens CA-7000 Coagulation Analyzer

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The Sysmex CA-7000 System is a fully automated, high performance, cap-piercing analyzer that efficiently processes routine and specialty assays. Utilizing complete random-access capabilities and second generation cap-piercing, it is the fastest throughput coagulation analyzer available for routine testing.
Enables even the busiest labs to meet workflow demands—approximately 500 results/hour when testing PT/APTT simultaneously
Results every 7 seconds, automated repeat, redilution, and reflex testing for rapid workflow processing time
The option to connect to a laboratory automation system (StreamLAB System) is ideal for use in large routine laboratories.
Reduces potential of exposure to biohazards with second-generation cap-piercing technology
Continuous loading of samples, reagents, and reaction tubes without interrupting workflow

Allows for individual customization with up to 40 user-programmable assay protocols on two test menu panels with 20 assays
Offers micro-mode direct sampling for limited plasma samples
Includes multiple dilution analysis (MDA) for factor assays—easy to interpret graphic parallel line display for inhibitor identification
Accepts a mix of open and closed tubes, as well as sample cups for flexibility in sample processing

Onboard Capacity: 
66 reagents/controls (including buffer and rinse)
100 samples (10 racks = 100 tubes); continuous loading
Capacity supply: 
1200 reaction tubes with continuous loading
Approx. 280 PT tests/hour
Approx. 500 PT/APTT tests/hour simultaneously
Bar-code capacity for: 
Sample Handling: 
Flexible mix of cups and various sample tubes: capped and uncapped on same rack
Automated sample and standard pre-dilution
Barcode identification: Automatic positive sample identification
Continuous-access sample racks (10 tube capacity)
10 sample racks (100 samples); continuous loading
Various specific sample holders available
5 Priority STAT positions
Cap piercing
Reagent Handling: 
Reagent recognition: Integrated positive reagent barcode identification
66 reagent/control positions (including buffer and rinse); 58 cooled reagent positions on board at 15°C with up to 3 vials per reagent
25 reagents mixing positions
Automatic pre-defined calibration
Onboard quality control: 
X-control, Levey-Jennings control
Multi-rule (Westgard Rule) monitoring
Main unit (H x W  D): 620 x 1050 x 765 mm
Sampler (H x W x D): 258 x 570 330 mm
Main unit: 148.0 kg
Sampler: 12.0 kg
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