Matrix PlateMate Plus Liquid Transfer Device

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The PlateMate Plus Liquid Transfer Device is a versatile, automated pipetting workstation that is capable of pipetting, diluting, dosing, dispensing, and rinsing.
Its high precision and modular design make it the instrument of choice for a wide range of liquid-handling applications.
Interchangeable pipetting heads allow you to easily switch from the 96-well channel to the 384-well plate formats.
Configured with four stackers, the PlateMate Stacker system dramatically reduces the time required to transfer liquid to multiple microplates. It can automatically process up to 25 microplates per stacker.
With user-friendly software running under MS-Windows, operators in chemical, biological, physical and in-vitro medical laboratories can quickly and easily customize specific laboratory protocols.
Including PC, software, 30.0 µl 384-Channel Head and a 100.0 µl 384-Channel Head.
Pipetting Volume 30.0 µl 384-Channel Head: 0.5 µl – 30.0 µl         
Pipetting Accuracy 30.0 µl 384-Channel Head: +/-2.0% or .15 µl 
Pipetting Precision 30.0 µl 384-Channel Head: +/- 2.0% or .1 µl 
Pipetting Volume 100.0 µl 384-Channel Head: 1.0 µl – 100 µl
Pipetting Accuracy 100.0 µl 384-Channel Head: +/-2.0% or .5 µl
Pipetting Precision 10.0 µl 384-Channel Head: +/- 2.0% or .25 µl 
Dimensions (H x W x D): 721 x 1324 x 411 mm
Weight: 80kg
Stacker capacity: 25 shallow well plates
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