Scie-Plas HU13 MIDI Horizontal Electrophoresis System

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HU13 MIDI horizontal gel electrophoresis system

The HU13 MIDI offers a maximum throughput of 112 samples, with buffer recirculation capabilities that provide increased productivity and resolution in nucleic acid electrophoresis. The buffer recirculation prevents the formation of ionic gradients during electrophoresis. The still small length of 15 cm ensures optimal gel running conditions for fast and optimal resolution of nucleic acids. It has a removable gel casting tray with silicone end gaskets for gel casting in the tank. To cast a gel, the gel casting tray is rotated 90° in the direction of the electrophoresis; the end gaskets form a leak-free seal against the inner walls of the running chamber. Once the gel has hardened, the gel casting tray containing gel is rotated to its original position for sample loading and electrophoresis.

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