Scie-Plas HU10 Mini-plus Horizontal Electrophoresis System

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The HU10 mini-plus horizontal gel electrophoresis unit is ideal for routine preparatory and analytical electrophoresis techniques.

It has a maximum throughput capacity for 80 samples and features a removable gel pouring tray with end gaskets that allow gels to be poured directly into the tank.

Features of the HU10:

• Four casting options – provide total flexibility in gel casting, directly in the tank or externally when the tank is in use.

• Combs – color coded and height adjustable – provide full control over loading volume and well depth up to a maximum throughput of 80 samples.

• Four comb positions – at 2.5 cm intervals along the tray for rapid separation of multiple samples.

• Colored charging strips – for easy pit detection when loading.

• Compact tank – reduces the buffer volume required to cover the gel, allowing greater control over the voltage gradient and runtime.

• UV Transparent Acrylic Casting Sheet – Allows the user to handle the gel on the transilluminator with minimal risk of exposure to hazardous ethidium bromide.

• Side handles – for safe and easy transport around the laboratory.

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