BTX HT-200 Electroporation Plate Handler

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The BTX HT-200 plate handler allows for the Highthroughput System HT 25 or HT 96 for advanced molecular delivery. The HT 96 (96-well) plates or the HT 25 (25-well) plates can be electroporated using a BTX generator (models: ECM 830 and ECM 630) with a plate handler. The Model HT-200 automatically switches columns in a Multi-well plate during electroporation using the Auto-track sensing featute. The Auto-track sensing allows rapid electroporation of an entire plate by setting up all columns and pressing one button.

Voltage Range: 0 to 3000V DC

Pulse Length Range: 10 µsec to 10 sec

Pulse Number Range: 1 to 99

Dimensions (WxDxH): 230 x 215 x 140 mm

Weight: 4.8 kg


1x 96-Well Disposable Electroporation Plates, 4 mm, 250 µl, pkg. of 1

1x 96-Well Disposable Electroporation Plates, 2 mm, 125 µl, pkg. of 1

1x HT 25-Well Adapter for Plate Handler

Weight 4,8 kg

6 months


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