Amaxa Nucleofector 1 Electroporation System

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The Nucleofector technology is a major improvement of the well known electroporation technology. The Nucleofector technology involves a combination of optimized electrical parameters and specific Nucleofector solutions for different cell types. This combination permits the crucials step: delivery of the DNA of interest straight into the nucleus. As the DNA quickly reaches the nucleus, expression can begin without delay. The nucleofected cells are thus ready for analysis after a short incubation time of only 2 – 8 hours.

DNA quality: 

1 – 5 µg plasmid concentration per nuclefection sample (100 µl), plasmid concentration can be increased up to 10 µg per sample. This may lead to higher gene transfer efficiencies, but at the same time may increase mortality of the cells.

Cell density:

2 x 10– 1 x 10cells per nuclefection sample for suspensions cells

2 x 10– 2 x 10cells per sample for adherent cells

Cell densities of < 2 x 10cells per smaple are not advisable beacause the gene transfer efficiency may decrease and mortality may increase.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 300 x 230 x x110 mm

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