Invitrogen MPK5000 Neon Transfection System

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The Neon Transfection System enables fast and efficient delivery of nucleic acids into all mammalian cell types, including primary, stem, and difficult-to-transfect cells. The flexible and open system allows the user to perform high-quality transfections using optimized or user-defined protocols in three simple steps with as few as 2 x 104

 cells per reaction. A novel reaction chamber provides a dramatic increase in transfection efficiency and cell viability. 

The Neon Transfection System is: 

Efficient – up to 90% in many cell types, including difficult-to-transfect cells, primary, and stem cells

Flexible – easily transfect from 2 x 10

cells to 6 x 10cells per reaction

Simple – easy to use, with a single reagent kit for all cell types

Versatile – open system allows electroporation parameters to be optimized freely


Format: Electroporation Pipette Tip

System: Neon Transfection System

Cell Type: Established Cell Lines, Hard-to-Transfect Cells, Stem Cells, Primary Cells 

Power Limit: 300 W

Current Limit: 3.0 – 6.0 A

Reaction Time: 1 sec

Voltage Limit: 0.5 – 2.5 kV

Classification: Animal Origin-Free, Reduced Serum, Chemically Defined, Low-Protein, Reduced Growth Factors, Xeno-Free

Serum Compatible: Yes 

Compatible Products: Transfection Grade Nucleic Acid purification kits, siRNA vectors, DNA vectors

Sample Loading Volume: Depends on kit used

Sample Type (Specific): Plasmid DNA, Synthetic siRNA

Purity or Quality Grade: Transfection Grade

Starting Material (Cell #): 2 x 10– 6 x 106 cells; Varies by cell type

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