Cell Biosciences SB106 dPC Fractionator

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The digital ProteomeChip Fractionator enables mass spectrometry researchers to rapidly and reproducibly fractionate samples with great precision prior to proteomic analysis. Complex samples are fractionated based on charge using a proven, chip-based technology. The ProteomeChip easily integrates into standard MS workflows and uses MS-friendly buffers for either “top-down” or “bottom-up” analysis of protein or peptide samples.
Biological samples are separated into fractions using parallel isoelectric focusing (IEF). Proteins and peptides are charged in an environment that is either above or below their isoelectric point, thus allowing them to migrate in an electric field.
By providing differences of 0.05 pH units between adjacent gel plugs, the digital ProteomeChip enables separation of proteins and peptides often found
in the same fraction by other technologies. High-resolution fractionation facilitates study of charge isoforms, allows separation of high and low abundance
species, and analysis of high molecular weight proteins.
Separate proteins or peptides in 30–60 minutes
Compatible with both simple and complex samples
Identify the pI of specific proteins and peptides
Eliminate variability associated with gel band cutting or other separation/fractionation methods
Achieve *10-5 depth of coverage

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