Spark Symbiosis Pro SPE-LC-MS

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Symbiosis Pro:
This system is Spark Holland’s unique solution for integrated online SPE-LC-MS automation (XLC-MS). The system offers large flexibility in processing different types of samples selecting one of the three fully automated operational modes LC-MS (direct LC without SPE); XLC-MS (online SPE coupled to LC-MS); AMD (advanced method development). The combination of a highly selective online SPE and a superb top line autosampler makes this dedicated high throughput Pharma system the best tool for direct injection of raw biological samples. The zero sample loss injection mode offers the best possible results even when there is little sample volume available (5 µL injection out of a 8 µL sample).
All Symbiosis online SPE Systems process multiple batches/assays fast and reliably, with the highest analytical performance, fully unattended. They also have all the tools to perform method development using a systematic approach which generates a working online SPE method in just a few days. These versatile workhorses are a safe investment and allow you to perform more projects with the highest assay performance in the same time and use the full MS capacity to the lab’s economical benefit.
Reliable injection performance
Well plates and vials
Sample cooling
HPLC and UHPLC version
Simultaneous sample prep & LC
Automated solvent mixing
Multi assay processing
Integrated software control in SparkLink, Analyst, Xcalibur and Masslynx
More samples per day per analyst
Generic templates for Acidic, Basic and Neutral compounds
Instant feedback during method optimizing
Test more variables in less time
No more compromising assay quality
Almost every parameter defining a chromatographic separation is temperature dependent. Suffice it to say that temperature control provides an indispensable tool to optimize your HPLC or UHPLC assay. As you will easily recognize, retention times will be more constant with constant temperature, but varying the temperature can also be a great help to tune selectivity, improve peak shape and reduce analysis time. Plus, high temperatures reduce column back pressure significantly, allowing higher solvent flow rates, narrower columns or smaller particles. Clearly, such benefits will only happen if the temperature itself is stable and precise, and without temperature gradients in the oven or the column. And this is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the MISTRAL with its forced air oven, excellent temperature control and integrated solvent pre-heater.
5 – 90°C
Temperature gradient programming
Excellent temperature stability
Integrated solvent pre-heater
Vapour sensor
Automated column selection
High Pressure Dispensor:
Traditional volumetric dispensers are designed for pipetting reagents or samples into vials or wells at ambient pressure or a few Bar at most. Online volumetric reagent delivery however, may require the ability to introduce reagents into a system with a high working pressure. The HPD was originally designed by Spark for SPE solvent delivery in on-line SPE-LC systems, but other applications are easy to imagine. Think of pre-column reagent addition for online derivatization in HPLC, post-column reagent addition for detection enhancement, etc.
Accurate volume delivery at controlled flow rates
Independent of backpressure up to 300 Bar
Selects from 4-24 solvents…or samples!
On-line solvent mixing
Combining the best of the on-line and off-line SPE worlds. Off-line SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) provides cartridge refreshment for every sample, avoiding the risk of retention change and carry-over. However, limited pressure resistance prohibits the use of small sorbent particles. Off-line elution of the sample requires collection and reformatting (often including evaporation and reconstitution) into autosampler vials or wells. And finally… injection into the LC system! It also requires at least one manual transfer of collected samples from the SPE robot to the LC system.
On-line SPE (or column switching, or 2D LC) permits use of small sorbent particles for efficient SPE plus elution of the sample directly into the LC system by the mobile phase. Maximum SPE efficiency plus maximum SPE-LC automation. But…column switching does not allow frequent automated refreshment of the SPE column or cartridge. The Spark ACE eliminates this shortcoming. It selects a fresh cartridge as often as you want andseals it against the pressure of your LC system for on-line elution. ACE combines the flexibility of off-line SPE with the performance and automation of on-line SPE.
Disposable SPE cartridges sealed up to 300 bar
Single use or re-use of SPE cartridge – your choice
Wide range of SPE chemistries
Standard two trays of 96 cartridges each

System consists of: 
Spark Conditioned Stacker Model 931
Spark Autosampler Model 930
Spark LC-Pump Model 750 (x2)
Spark High Pressure Dispensor Model 730 (x2)
Spark ACE Model 725
Spark Mistral Model 885

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