Biometra UV Band-Elutor Electrophoresis Cell

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The Biometra UV Band-Elutor guarantees recovery rates of nearly 100% and absolute biocompatibility of the eluent.  Like other methods, the UV Band-Elutor method is based on a submerged agarose gel electrophoresis in the presence of ethidium bromide. An integral UV lamp and the UV tranparant design of the apparatus offers the opportunity of direct monitoring during the electrophoresis. 
During the run the desired fragment migrates in the direction of a specially designed trap.the optimised geometry between the loading slot and product trap, in conjuction with a special focusing solution ensures optimal focusing of the product in front of the trap. At the same time the electrophoretic mobility of the prodct falls. Finally desired product  enters the trap as a single compact band which can then easily be removed with a standard micropipette and conventionally precipitated.
Using the analytical 12-wel comb, the UV Band-Elutor is also an excellent tool for the daily standard electrophoresis of nuicleic acids. By having direct monitoring every gel can be run up to an optimal point and subsequently used for documentation or further analysis.

Buffer capacity: 400 ml
Electrical range: 0 – 400 mA, 0 – 500 V
Wave length: 312 nm
Filter surface: 105 x 75 mm
UV lamps: 4x 6 W
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