Biometra Fastblot B43 Electroforese Cell

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The Biometra Fastblot is intended to be used for electroblotting. Electroblotting has become an important method transferring proteins from polyacrylamide gels onto nitrocellulose, nylon or other membranes. 

Conventional blotting (tank blotting) is performed in a big buffer chamber and the procedure is very buffer and time consuming. The more recent method of semi-dry blotting between carbon plate electrodes allows a more rapid and homogeneous transfer.

Pure (unmodified) carbon plates originally used for semi-dry blotting show extensive corrosion and decomposition. The electrodes used for the Fastblot B43 are a platinum-coated titanium anode and stainless steel cathode. These electrodes are resistant under the toughest laboratory conditions and show a pore-free surface for easy decontamination. 
Transfers are usually completed within 10 to 30 minutes and are uniform in all areas of the polyacrylamide gel. With the semi-dry blotting procedure even higher molecular weight proteins (> 100 kDa) are transferred from (SDS-) polyacrylamide gels to a membrame at high currents.

Warming up of the apparatus and blot-sandwich during the transfer at high current conditions or during blotting of native proteins can be compensated by the internal cooling system.

Electrode surface: 160 x 200 mm

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