Waters 2424 ELS Detector

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Purchased in 2012. Hardly used Waters ELSD.

See attached pdf for Instrument Specifications:
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Waters 2420 ELSD- Evaporative Light Scattering Detector – Universal detector with high sensitivity to the compounds, without chromophore. The device is designed to analyze a broad range of compounds, such as hydrocarbons, polysaccharides, lipids, vegetable oils, fatty acid oligomers. The 2420 is an excellent alternative to refractometric detectors to work in the gradient, works with a wide range of mobile phases and additives, including ion-pair reagents. 2420 detectors less sensitive to the fluctuations of the mobile phase and temperature than refractometric detectors. 2420 detector can be operated as part of the Alliance or the system with mass spectrometer under the direct control software Empower or MassLynx (with option FractionLynx), or can operate as a separate module.

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