Varian ProStar 325 UV/Vis Detector

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The detector measures the sample absorbance at the user-selected wavelength. The absorbance is displayed on the Home page (and graphically on the Graph page) of the HPLC Control software. Wavelength absorbance parameters are time programmable on the stand-alone unit. 
Diagnostics: Built-in self-test and diagnostics
Time programming: Time programmable wavelength, recorder attenuation, auto-zero, response time, peaksense, timeslice, pulse and external event relays. Response time is programmable at time=zero only.
Wavelength: UV (Deuterium) lamp and visible (quartz halogen) lamp, 190–900 nm
Flowcell: Optional 9 x 0, 9 x 1, 4 x 0, 4 x 0.15
Pressure: 1000 psi maximum on all flowcells
Response time: 0.05, 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 sec
Spectral bandwidth: 5 nm
Recorder output: 1 V FS
Data system output: 1 V FS
Peak Sensing: Peak Start, Peak End, Valley, Time Slice and Pulse will activate the Peak Sense relay and generate event marks on the recorder chart.

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