Varian ProStar 370 Electrochemical Detector

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The ProStar 370 is a integrated electrochemical detector and includes a highly stable Faraday-shielded oven compartment accommodating a flow cell and space for a column. This flow cell has surprised researchers for its unsurpassed S/N ratio and therefore you now possess the best possible combination for extremely sensitive EC analyses.
The ProStar 370 covers the DC, pulse and scan mode. Important parameters in the DC and pulse mode can be changed on a time base by user-defined commands, which enables maximum control to fully automate the detection. In addition, crucial parameters can be controlled by either relays or TTL (open collector type). 
Detector: ProStar 370
Output: INT, nA-range (100 nA full scale)
Flow rate: 1.5 mL/min
Mobile phase: 0.1 mM EDTA + 50 mM acetic acid + 2 mM KCl, set at pH 4.5 using NaOH
Sample: 20 µl injection of 0.5µmol/l MOPEG (dissolved in mobile phase)
Temperature 30ºC
Flowcell: Flow cell with 2 mm GC working electrode and 50 µm gasket
E-cell +650 mV (vs. ISAAC 2 mM KCl in mobile phase) or
+800 mV (vs. salt bridge Ag/AgCl in saturated KCl)

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