Perten Instruments DA 7200 NIR Spectrometer

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The NIR concerns a Perten van Perkin Elmer Nederland (see attached photos). The available calibration lines concern meat-related products (frikandellen) and semi-moist snacks for pets (eg dentalsticks). Appears to be especially suitable for end products and by means of a duplicate measurement a nice average value, e.g. protein, moisture & fat. Data is exported to an Excel on a fixed PC. Perkin Elmer maintained this unit until 2016. Only suitable for (ground) end products, and an average value (from a duplicate measurement) is given. Tray filling and operation is quick and easy. Data is exported to an Excel on a fixed PC. Description and definition sample has been expanded. Powders/granules seem suitable to pass the NIR, liquids are not. Perten maintained the device himself. Calibration lines available: – Frikandellen – Dentals – Semi-moist.

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