Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two FTIR Spectrometer

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Spectrum Two MID-FTIR


Very well maintained, clean, fully operational and tested


Slide holder for measurements for transmission mode of thin films and KBr pellets

Plug-and-play UATR accessory, for rapid analysis of solids, powders, pastes and liquids

Windows 10 and 11 compatible software

FTIR reference libraries with 40,000 spectra included

Onsite installation, configuration and software training by highly skilled technicians (for buyers within the Benelux only)

Step by step installation guide and online support for buyers outside the Benelux

Spectral range: 350-7800 cm-1 (also with UATR)

Resolution up to 0.5 cm-1

Available OPD speed: 0.2 and 1 cms-1

Signal to noise: 9300:1 peak-to-peak, 5 seconds

Signal to noise: 32000:1 peak-to-peak, 1 minute

Dimensions (WxDxH): 450 x 300 x 210 mm

Weight: 13 kg

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