Bruker Alpha FTIR Spectrometer

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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) is a widely used technique for rapid material identification. With the aid of custom-built reference libraries, it can be used to verify or identify unknown materials in a matter of minutes. It is a non-destructive technique that requires limited to no sample preparation in order to perform analysis. The Bruker ALPHA has a portable bench top design with interchangeable modules to suit your sampling requirements.

By generating custom calibrations, the ATR module can be used to perform semi-quantitative analysis. This can provide valuable real-time information such as semi-quantitative mineralogy to complement chemical analysis on site for rapid decision making.

Spectral range: 400 – 4000 cm-1

Spectral resolution: 2 cm-1

Module: ATR

Dimensions (WxDxH): 220 x 330 x 260 mm

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6 months


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