Medical Systems PDMI-2 Open Perfusion Micro-incubator

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The Medical Systems range of micro-incubators all offer temperature control, either by heating alone or heating and cooling through Peltier devices. Our most popular incubator is the PDMI-2 which accepts disposable 35mm petri dishes or special MSC-TD teflon/glass dishes and is ideally suited to applications requiring rigorous temperature control along with good instrument access and heated/cooled perfusion lines. All our Medical Systems incubators are compatible with the TC202A Bipolar Temperature Controller.
Peltier controlled micro-incubator offering heating and cooling. Suitable for use with 35mm petri dishes or our selection of MSC coverslip dishes. Designed for use with inverted microscopes. Open design provides excellent mechanical and optical access. Temperature controllable (in combination with TC202A Temperature Controller) from 10ºC to 15ºC below up to 25ºC above ambient. 0ºC to 50ºC with water cooler. Two perfusion lines can flow pre-heated/cooled into the chamber at up to 3ml/min. Fits Corning 35mm petri dishes or the various MSC coverslip dishes. Teflon well with Ag/AgCl electrode allows easy salt bridge formation. Gas flow over the chamber is also supported. Includes magnetically fixed aspirator (LU-ASP) to accurately maintain fluid level.
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