AO Spencer 935 Automatic Knife Sharpener

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This machine has been refurbished and the lid has been repaired, because these are very rare. Supplied with two blades, grinding emulsion and glass powder.

The AO Spencer 935 automatic knife sharpener is designed for safe, quick, efficient & convenient on-site resharpening of microtome knives. It automates the process of manual knife sharpening to eliminate unevenness of the surface and ensures equal bevel angle giving a used knife-edge the sharpness of a new or factory-reconditioned knife. With its compact & portable structure, this knife sharpener delivers convenient use, reliable performance ensuring trouble free & dependable service. The AO Spencer 935 knife sharpener is furnished in a compact cabinet with superior finish. The instrument is mounted on rubber feet to absorb vibration for quite and smooth operation. Its imposing finish is easy to clean, and resists chipping abrasions and chemical attacks. Clamping the blade in the knife holder at a fixed angle resharpens the knife. The top cover of the instrument is closed during the honey procedure to ensure safe operation and to avoid dust and grinding particles being scattered over the work place. The knife strokes against a high frequency glass plate and exactly after an equivalent number of strokes on one side of knife edge, automatically flips the knife and hones the knife edge on other side for the same interval. The stroking cycle is repeated continuously for duration set in the automatic electric timer. The automatic electric timer provides the option of automatic changeover for reversal of one side of knife-edge to the other at regular intervals.

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