Perkin Elmer FMT 2500 LX Quantitative Tomography in vivo Imaging System

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The 4-channel FMT 2500 LX is available for laboratories requiring a broader range of applications and extensive multi-modality capabilities.
Four FMT channels allow researchers to span a broader spectral fluorescence range (from 650 – 850 nm) allowing greater imaging and fluorescence quantification capability in vivo. In addition, researchers will now be able to multiplex existing and new agents and dyes providing even greater flexibility and quantitative utility to the FMT 2500 LX.
The FMT 2500 LX includes TrueQuant 3D software, two Imaging Cassettes, RC2+ Integrated Anesthesia, a Multi-Modality Adaptor, Fast Reconstruction software, and an 8-processor CPU for performing quantitative tomography.
Currently available laser wavelengths for the FMT 2500 LX: 
  •  635 nm Channel (Excitation), Emission range = 650 – 670 nm 
  •  670 nm Channel (Excitation), Emission range = 690 – 740 nm 
  •  745 nm Channel (Excitation), Emission range = 770 – 800 nm 
  •  790 nm Channel (Excitation), Emission range = 805+ nm

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