Genetix ClonePix FL Mammalian Colony Picker

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The ClonePix FL builds on the success of the Genetix white light ClonePix adding fluorescent imaging capabilities for more intelligent selection. The unique proprietary technology behind ClonePix FL represents a major advance in cell line selection and development, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with new biopharmaceutical product development especially when compared to standard techniques such as limited dilution or cell sorting.


White light imaging- Trans-illumination for imaging low contrast colonies such as adherent monolayers or small colonies in suspension. Epi-illumination for imaging colonies as they are collected
Fluorescence imaging- Software-controlled switching between up to 5 excitation /emission filter pairs (we recommend no more than 3 filters be multiplexed for optimal performance)
Data tracking- Internal barcode reader for source and destination plates enables data tracking for each run
Camera- Integrated 16-bit cooled CCD camera
Imaging speed- 6-well microplate: 5 min for 2 wavelengths (standard conditions)
Resolution- Standard: 28 micron; Maximum: 1.5 micron
Containment- Fully enclosed working environment with Class 100-type, HEPA filtration
Source plate type- PetriWell-6 plate, PetriWell-1 plate, Greiner 6 well plate, Nunc 6 well plate, Nunc OmniTray
Destination plate type- PetriWell-96 plate, Costar 96 well plate, Greiner 96 well plate, Nunc 96 well plate, Falcon 96 well plate
Source plate capacity- 10 plates
Destination plate capacity- 10 plates
Picking head- 8 x picking pins – each pin independently controlled
Picking pin size- Diameter of picking pins is application specific – F1: suspension cells, F2: adherent cells Picking speed > 200 clones per hour
Wash bath- Ethanol wash bath, automatically refilled
Picking system fluids- 5 L sterile water supply, 5L waste bottle
Pin drying- Proprietary halogen pin drying station

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