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Hitachi FMBIO III 

FMBIO® III Plus is a laser-based imaging system with four-color fluorescence detection capability. The FMBIO produces high-resolution, multi-color, multiplexed images. The instrument can be used for a wide range of applications including genotyping, differential display, mutation discovery and detection, human identification, Southern blot, microarrays, ELISA, homogeneous assays and more. This system is compatible with a wide variety of gel, membrane, microplate and microarray-based techniques. For DNA, RNA, and protein samples.


Largest scanning area available on the market (55cm x 40cm)
with selectable scanning area.
Multiple excitation lasers:
Green laser (532nm)
Redlaser (635nm)
Blue laser (488nm
Very high sensitivity
SYPRO Ruby: 0.06 ng/band
SYPRO Gold: 0.06 ng/band
Ethidium Bromide: 30pg/band
Rhodamine: 0.05fmol/band
FITC: 0.1fmol/band
Auto focus within a wide range (7mm)
High resolution 200, 100, 50, 25 um selectable
Highest quality, high power lasers in the industry.
All lasers used in FMBIO- III are diode-pumped,
solid-state continuous wave lasers
No dedicated power supply or cooling system are required.

Maximum Capture Size 400mm x 550mm
Capture Resolution 25, 50, 100, 200 micro-meter
Capture Gradation 16bit gradation (65,535 gradation)
Capture Method Complete Two Wave Length Light Fiber Condensing System
Filter Two Colors Simultaneous Separations permitted; Four Colors Simultaneous Sets permitted.
Standard Laser Wave Length 532nm: Semiconductor Light-Emitting Solid State Laser
635nm: Diode Laser
(Option 488nm: Semiconductor Light-Emitting Solid State Laser)
Output File TIFF(16bit)
Host Interface SCSI
Host OS Windows® 2000 Professional
External Measurements 1,310(W) x 750(D) x 370(H)mm
Unit Weight About 85kg
Electrictity Consumed 125W
Power Source AC100-240 50/60Hz

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