Qiagen QIAsymphony SP/AS Instrument

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The QIAsymphony SP performs fully automated purification of nucleic acids using magnetic-particle technology. Samples can be processed in batches of up to 24 samples. The instrument controls integrated components including a lysis station, 4-channel pipetting system, robotic gripper and an array of magnetic rods that are protected by rod covers. These rods can pick up or release magnetic particles in the wells of a sample prep cartridge, depending on whether the magnetic rods are inserted in the rod covers or not.
The QIAsymphony SP is preinstalled with various protocols and corresponding Assay Control Sets for purification of RNA, genomic DNA and viral and bacterial nucleic acids. The user loads reagents (in prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges) and consumables into the appropriate drawer, loads the samples and selects a protocol using the touchscreen. The user then starts the protocol, which provides all necessary commands for sample lysis and purification. A fully automated inventory scan (either after closing the individual drawers or before the run starts) helps to ensure that the QIAsymphony SP is correctly set up for the protocol.

The QIAsymphony AS performs fully automated assay setup using a 4-channel pipetting system, and is operated using the built-in touchscreen located on the QIAsymphony SP. The QIAsymphony AS is switched on using the power switch on the QIAsymphony SP. During assay setup, the touchscreen displays the assay setup user interface, providing information about assay runs, including their progress. Single or multiple assays can be set up in a single assay run, and master mix can be premixed or can be prepared by the instrument. The QIAsymphony AS is provided with predefined protocols, specifically designed for use with QIAGEN kits. These protocols are called Assay Definitions. Assay Parameter Sets define the parameters for a protocol. These files, including other QIAsymphony AS files (e.g., cycler files, result files, loading information), can be transferred to/from the QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments via the USB ports on the QIAsymphony SP.
When an assay run has been defined using the touchscreen, the software automatically calculates the worktable requirements for a defined run (e.g., number and type of filter-tips, volume of reagent).
An automated inventory scan (performed when the drawers are closed, or before an assay run starts) ensures that each drawer is correctly set up for the defined assay run. It is possible to reload filter-tips during a run.
There are 2 modes of system operation to suit your workflow requirements – integrated and independent. In integrated mode, samples processed on the QIAsymphony SP are transferred directly to the QIAsymphony AS via an internal transfer module, reducing manual handling steps and documentation. For added flexibility, the QIAsymphony SP and QIAsymphony AS can also be operated independently of each other in independent mode.

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