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The innovative QIAcube controls integrated components including a centrifuge, heated shaker, pipetting system, and robotic gripper. This enables the QIAcube to fully automate more than 40 QIAGEN spin-column kits. 
The QIAcube is preinstalled with a variety of protocols for purification of RNA, genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, viral nucleic acids, and proteins, plus DNA and RNA cleanup. All standard protocols in the expanding range can also be downloaded free of charge. In addition, customized protocols tailored to meet your specific application demands can also be requested. 
The QIAcube is highly suitable for academic research laboratories as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical research laboratories performing applications, such as:
Sequencing/sequencing analysis
Gene expression analysis


Sample tubes RB (2ml) x 2000 (Cat No./ID: 990381)
Reagent bottles (30ml) x 90 (Cat No./ID: 990393)
Rotor adapter x 624 (Cat No./ID: 990394)
Filter tips (1000µl) x 4736 (Cat No./ID: 990452)
Rotor adapter holder x 4 (Cat No./ID: 990392)
Reagent bottle rack x 3 (Cat No./ID: 990390)
Set rack labeling strips x 1 (Cat No./ID: 990391)

Centrifuge: 12,000 x g maximum, swing-out rotor with 12 positions, maximum 45°
Humidity: Relative humidity of 10-75% (noncondensing)
Instrument dimensions: 650 x 620 x 570 mm
Operating temperature: 18-28°C
Pipetting system: Syringe size 1 ml, pipetting range 5-900 µl
Samples per run: 1–12 samples per run
Shaker: Speed 100-2000 rpm, amplitude 2 mm, heating range of room temperature to 70°C, ramp-up time of <5 min from room temperature to 55°C (+/-)3°C)
Software: QIAGEN protocols are preinstalled on the QIAcube or can be downloaded at www.qiagen.com/MyQIAcube
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220-240V / 50-60Hz

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