SYSMEX XS-500i Hematology Analyzer

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From 2012, in function, very good condition – 5-part differential analysis Fluorescence flow cytometry for high-quality analysis Excellent WBC differential Very low aspiration volume Compact Ready-to-use system with minimum maintenance Technologies fluorescence flow cytometry: WBC DIFF, IG DC sheath flow method: RBC, HCT, PLT cyanide-free SLS method: HGB Diagnostic parameters WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PDW, MPV, P-LCR, PCT, NEUT%, LYMPH%, MONO%, EO%, BASO%, NEUT#, LYMPH#, MONO#, EO#, BASO# Research parameters IG%, IG#, Other%, Other# Throughput up to 60 samples/hour Aspiration volume approx. 20 μL (manual open/closed mode, capillary mode, sampler mode) Data storage up to 8,000 samples (incl. graphics); up to 5,000 patients’ information; 20 quality control files mpler mode) Quality control Xbar, Levey-Jennings, XbarM Dimensions/weight wxhxd [mm]/[kg] 320×503 x413 /approx. 24 Just 20μL aspiration volume The XS-500i requires just 20μL aspiration volume for the complete differential blood count. This is particularly beneficial in settings where you don’t want to have to take large volumes of blood and so can increase patient comfort, such as in pediatric hospitals. It is also useful for microtubes: a special adapter is supplied for all XS instruments. A novel blood sensor guarantees exactly 20μL aspiration volume is used each time, and so contributes to the reliability of the analysis results. Easy to use Sysmex instruments stand out in terms of quality and in terms of ease of use. We know just how tough it is to work in a lab all day. So it’s important to us that our devices make your life as easy as possible. At the end of the day, you don’t want to have to wait for a complicated shutdown process. Building on our knowledge from the XE- and XT-series, we have managed to reduce user maintenance for the XS-series even further. Now, all you need is a single push of the button to initiate your daily fully automatic shutdown. It takes just two to three minutes. And requires no additional reagent. You will find other functions and the software menu structure intuitive and simpler to use than most other analyzers. Since the XS-500i uses the same reagents as larger X-Class systems, and its operation and user interface messages are very similar, it is excellent as a nightshift or backup solution. No extra training is required for those used to using the larger devices. Simplified reagent management Thanks to the fine-tuned reagent management function on the XS-series you can now easily control and record all essential reagent handling steps. A handheld bar code reader will save you time by collecting the necessary information from the reagent bar code. This includes the reagent name, lot number, expiration date, and package volume. For traceability, this information is stored with the user’s log-on name so you can meet accreditation requirements. The IPU reagent meter screen helps to check the analyzer’s reagent status as it displays the approximate remaining reagent volume. Adapt your analyzer to fit your overall lab solution Apart from the manual start button, your XS-500i is operated entirely via the Information Processing Unit (IPU). Based on Windows®, we have used our experience with other analyzers to make this interface as intuitive as possible, with interactive menus and understandable icons. The IPU database stores your patient data, test orders, quality control data, and all analysis results. Since all the data management is performed on the IPU, you can easily integrate the XS-500i into your laboratory solution. Even if you’re using your system offline and without the bar code system, you can still analyze samples selectively using the work list function. Sample Explorer Up to 8,000 results can be stored centrally on the XS-500i, including all graphics. You can retrieve any sample you need at any time. Simply select from the comprehensive sorting and filtering criteria and various search functions. Processing status is available for all results too, which can be validated, printed out, or transmitted to the LIS.

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