IKA T50 Basic Ultra Turrax with S50N-W80SMK Jet Mixer Head

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IKA T50 basic powerful ultra turrax volume 1 to 50 liters ultra-turrax a powerful overhead stirrer with sprung telescopic tripod and tripod clamp.

IKA S 50 N – W 80 SMK Jet mixer head with new plain bearing. Suitable for dispersing instrument T 50 digital for shortening mixing and dissolving times. The vertical flow and the high circumferential speed up to 10,000 rpm ensure intensive mixing. The head is used for adding gases or liquids, for lumpfree suspension of difficult to dissolve powders or for dissolving sedimented, already hardened substances.

Immersion depth: 140 – 350 mm

Working range: 1 – 50 l

Generator diameter: 80mm

Materials in contact with medium: PTFE, AISI 316L

Suitable for solvents: yes

Max. temperature: 180°C

Sterilization methods: all methods

Some pitting corrosion on the shaft.

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