IKA T25 Digital Ultra Turrax + S25n-18g Dispersing Tool

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IKA T25 Digital Ultra Turrax with IKA S25N – 25G shaft

IKA T25:

Suitable for volumes from 0.001 to 2 litres

Maximum Viscosity 5000 mPas

Speed 500 to 25,000 rpm

Digital speed display

Electronic overload protection

Noise level without shaft: 75 dB(A)

Power: 800W/220V

Dimensions (LxWxH): 87 x 271 x 106 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg

IKA S25N – 25G:

Working range: 50 – 2,000 ml 

Stator diameter: 25 mm 

Immersion depth: 40 – 165 mm 

Materials in contact with medium: PTFE, AISI 316L 

Suitable for solvents 

Max. temperature 180°C 

Sterilization methods: all methods

Weight 2,5 kg

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