FLIR Griffin G460 GC-MS

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The FLIR Griffin G460 gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC-MS) provides best-in-class chemical identification and is built to operate in vehicles. Like the G410, it contains a standard injection port, but also an integrated universal sampling port that is capable of direct air sampling and is compatible with additional hassle-free, interchangeable sampling tools. The G460 accurately identifies explosives, drugs, CWAs, and other chemicals. The simplified user interface gives field operators and scientists quick and accurate answers.

Mass Range/Scan Rate: 35-425 m/z, up to 10,000 m/z per second at 20 points per m/z

Ionization Type: Internal electron ionization (EI)

Detector: Conversion dynode electron multiplier

Calibrant: On-board FC-43 (Perfluorotributylamine)

Carrier Gas: Connection for external gas source (He)

Sample Phase: Solid, liquid, and vapor

Threats: Detects and identifies explosives, narcotics, CWAs, TICs, environmental pollutants, and other chemicals

Sampling & Analysis: Full identification in 5-15 minutes for most chemicals

Including laptop with software

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