MS System MDS Sciex API 3000

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Good working MS system from Sciex offered for sale with an API 3000 system for spare parts included in the price.

     API 3000 model

     Serial Number: D15280504

     Brand: MDS Sciex

     Supplier: AB Sciex

     Manuals: API3000 LC / MS / MS Operator Manual 017545C Apr 1999; Analyst Operator Manual 017552A Jul 1999; TurboIonSpray Inlet for API LC / MS system 016601B Oct 1996; Analyst 1.1 LC Devices Setup Manual 025616B Jun 2000; Analyst Software 1.1 Operator Manual 027233A Jun 2000; Analyst Software 1.1 Administrator’s Manual 027232A Jun 2000

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