Perkin Elmer Clarus 680 HS-GC-MS

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Clarus GC-MS – Perkin Elmer (2011) 

2 Split / Splitless PPS injectors Swafer-technology (2 columns in GC-oven

1 channel in MS; pressure-based which column is used) 

Auto-sampler (108 positions) 

HS40 Trap – Perkin Elmer (2013) 

Pressure balanced injection system Shaker & trap options 

Auto-sampler (40 positions) 

Spare parts Lots of ferrules, septa, nuts, liners, autosampler needle, filament, screws, inner source etc etc. 

Spare part kit for HS40. 

Software / CD’s TurboChrom (version 5.4.2) 

TurboMatrix HS Control Software (version 2.5) 

NIST Library 2008, 2014 & Upgrade 2017 Manuals & User’s Guides Desktop & peripherals 

Dell Intel i-5 3.30 GHZ, 8 MB RAM (Windows 10 Enterprise) 

TurboChrom (version installed) 

TurboMatrix HS Control Software (version 2.5 installed) 

Dell 22”Monitor, mouse & keyboard 

Edwards roughing pump 

Certificates Clarus 680 GC, Clarus 600S MS, TurboMatrix HS40 Trap.

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