Agilent HP 1100 series HPLC

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The HPLC modules from Agilent 1100 series can be used for both analytical and production applications:

Agilent G1311A Quartenary pump

Agilent G1313A AS Autosampler

Agilent G1316A Thermostated Column Compartment

Agilent G1322A Degasser


 A description of the different modules is as follows.


G1322A – Degasser

The Agilent 1200 series vacuum degasser, model G1322A, consists of a
4-channel vacuum container, including 4 tubular plastic diaphragms and a vacuum


G1311A – Quatpump

The G1311A provides virtually pulse-free and stable solvent flow with dual
floating pistons. The pump is equipped with four solvent inlets with built-in
gradient control. Gradient formation is performed by a low-pressure gradient


G1313A – ALS (automatic liquid sampler)

This autosampler provides reliable injections from 0.1 µL to 100 µL with
easy adjustment for injection volumes up to 1500 µL for applications ranging
from microbore to semi-preparative chromatography. The system uses overlapping
injections for increased productivity with sample capacities of 100 × 2 ml
vials in a standard tray, 40 × 2 ml vials in a standard tray, or 15 × 6 ml
vials in a half tray.


G1316A – ColCom (column compartment)

The G1316A thermostat column compartment is built with two heat exchangers
for solvent preheating, automated column identification module and CAN cable.
The G1316A offers a temperature range of 10° below ambient to 80°C and a
temperature stability of ± 0.15°C. The Agilent G1316A has a column capacity of
three 30 centimeter columns and can use a temperature accuracy of ± 0.8 ° C.
The G1316A warms up/cools down from ambient to 40°C in 5 minutes.


Technical specifications


Voltage: 220-240V

External dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 45 x 41 x 80 cm

Weight: 35kg

Weight 0,0 kg

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