TA Instruments Discovery HR-1 Rheometer

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The HR-1 is a rugged, accurate, field-proven rheometer. The HR-1 shares the cutting-edge technology of the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer family in a platform that is ideal for production control, asphalt manufacture, and a wide range of general measurements of viscosity and viscoelasticity.

Bearing Type, Thrust: Magnetic

Bearing Type, Radial: Porous Carbon

Motor Design: Drag Cup

Minimum Torque Oscillation: 10 nN.m

Minimum Torque Steady Shear: 20 nN.m

Maximum Torque: 150 nN.m

Torque Resolution: 0.1 nN.m

Minimum Frequency: 1.00E-07 Hz

Maximum Frequency: 100 Hz

Minimum Angular Velocity: 0 rad/s

Maximum Angular Velocity: 300 rad/s

Displacement Transducer: Optical encoder

Displacement Resolution: 10 nrad

Step Time, Strain 21: 15 ms

Step Time, Rate RI: 5 ms

Normal/Axial Force Transducer: FRT

Maximum Normal Force: 50 N

Normal Force Sensitivity: 0.01 N

Normal Force Resolution: 1 mN

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