QiaGen QIAgility Pipetting Robot

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The QIAgility is a compact benchtop instrument that enables rapid, high-precision setup of PCR experiments with ready-to-use software for ease and convenience. The software provides step-by-step guidance for worktable setup and automatic calculation of all mixes, eliminating the need to program pipetting steps. Just select the kit and cycler, define your targets and start the run. For added flexibility the QIAgility is operated via a laptop computer.

The instrument is highly suited for laboratories performing PCR and RT-PCR reactions with applications in: ​

Gene expression analysis



Pathogen detection

Food and veterinary testing

Pipetting head: Single channel

Tip volume: 1 – 200 µl

HEPA filter: Preinstalled dual-cartridge HEPA filter system provides positive pressure clean air within the closed hood.

Liquid-level sensing: Minimum detection volume (10 µl in 200 µl PCR tubes). Only functional in combination with QIAGEN Conductive Filtered Tips.

Table capacity: 6x SBS positions (127.76 x 85.48 mm) for adapters and Tip Rack Holders 1x Master Mix Block 1x Reagent Block

Precision: CV <1%, 5 – 200 µl (dry-well transfer) CV <5%, 2 – 5 µl (wet-well transfer) CV <10%, 1 µl

UV lamp: Preinstalled UV lamp for worktable decontamination

Dimensions (HxWxD): 450 x 540 x 630 mm

Weight: 41 kg

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