Caliper Life Sciences Sciclone ALH 3000 Workstation

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The Sciclone ALH 3000 workstation is the foundation of Caliper Life Sciences’ family of automated liquid handling systems, and the number one choice of automation experts. With proven performance, open-deck design, and integration-friendly architecture, the ALH 3000 workstation can be configured to handle just about any automated liquid handling application.

Open, modulare design

Three “Swap-on-the-fly” pipetting heads

96-well plate densitie

Volumes from 100 nL to 200 µL

Independent 8-channel pipetting capability

Compatibility with a wide variety of options, including Sciclone Gripper, bulk reagent modules, an on-deck microplate shaker, temperature-controlled locators, a positive-pressure filtration system, and more

Hundreds of different configurations


Worldwide popularity and the availability of a comprehensive range of options have made the ALH 3000 workstation a favorite platform for the development of automated liquid handling applications such as:

High-throughput plasmid preparation

BAC DNA preparation

Sequencing template amplification

SNP genotyping

High-throughput PCR cleanup

The Sciclone ALH 3000 Advanced Liquid Handling system delivers highly accurate and precise liquid handling in a versatile, scalable open-design format.

With the flexibility to adapt as your needs change, it is an ideal tool for automating virtually any genomic, proteomic or drug screening protocol.

Worktable Data: 20 microplate positions, 8 deck holes for recessed accessories (columns 4 and 5)

Robotic Positioning: Bi-directional repeatability, X-axis ±20 micron, Y-axis ±20 micron, Z-axis ±20 micron

Pneumatic Requirements: Oil-free, dry air at 60 -70 psi recommended

Dimensions (HxWxD): 940 x 1220 x 710 mm

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