Perkin Elmer Janus G3 Automated Workstation

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The JANUS® G3 Automated Workstation offers multiple pipetting technologies on a single instrument platform. The instrument consists of a modular platform with a flexible 8-tip Varispan™ arm, providing an automated liquid handling solution with flexibility in throughput, plate capacity, and dynamic volume range. This configuration was used for secure and tracable barcode scanning and reformatting of up to 192 input biological samples from nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, and anterior nasal swabs in various destination laboratory materials to support viral nucleic acid extraction. This workstation enables additional sample preparation for nucleic acid extraction, including: – The addition of lysis buffers, internal standards and enzymes – Pooling multiple samples prior to RNA isolation – Plating beads, wash buffers and elution buffers for downstream nucleic acid extraction on the chemagic 360 nucleic acid extractor – Preparing PCR plates after extraction. The JANUS G3 Primary Specimen Reformatter comes with: – Automated test tube barcode reader with 192 positions – WinPrep configuration software – Deck accessories to support sample preparation for nucleic acid extraction – PKeye video monitoring system for capturing and troubleshooting malfunctions – Original Conductive filter tips (175 and 900 microliters) that enables liquid level sensing – IQOQ – Housing This machine was installed in March 2022 and was used very little. It was purchased together with a platinum service contract, and maintained according to protocol. The machine is as new.

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