Beckman Coulter Biomek NX S8 Pipetting Robot

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The 8-channel arm can be operated with both disposable tip pipettors and fixed tips pipettors (Teflon-coated). The samples can easily be exchanged by the user. Mixed operation is also possible. The 8-channel pipettor is flexible, can expand, move to 8 independent Z positions and pipette 8 different volumes. Liquid level sensing is standard. The 8 glass syringes are available in different volumes, the present offer contains 250 ul syringes.

The Biomek NX deck can be designed flexibly. The labware is placed on so-called ALPs (Automation Labware Positions), which are either static (pure parking positions) or active (heating, cooling, shaking, stirring, vacuum, etc.). Passive and active ALPS can be configured by the user on any deck position.

The Biomek NXP platform is equipped with a unique safety light curtain (no collision possible during manual intervention) and fully automatic optical framing (AccuFrame).

Transfer volume: 0.5 µl

Tip types: P20, Fixed 60 mm

Accuracy: ± 5%

Precision: ≤ 10%

Transfer volume: 1 µl

Tip types: P20, Fixed 60 mm

Accuracy: ± 3%

Precision: ≤ 7%

Transfer volume: 5 µl

Tip types: P20, Fixed 60 mm

Accuracy: ± 3%

Precision: ≤ 5%

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