Stable Micro Systems TA.XTplus Texture Analyser

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Fully equipped Texture analyzer from Stable Microsystems.

Comes with the following:

– 2 Load Cells, one of 5kg and one of 50kg.

– 2 probe holders

– Volodkevich Bite Jaws (product code HDP/VB)

– Forward extrusion (Product code HDP/FE)

– 3-point bend rig (Product code HDP/3PB)

– Multiple Puncture Probe (Product code A/MPP)

– 1/2″ Stainless Speral probe (Product code P/0.5S)

– 6mm Cyl. Stainless (Product code P/6)

– 25mm Cyl. Perspex (Product code P/26P)

– Blade set with extra V-slot blade (product code HDP/BS)

Including software with key, and all necessary cables (Power, USB, Load Cell)

Shipping is not possible due to the lack of original packaging, but delivery is certainly possible.

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