Knauer K-7400S Semi-Micro Freezing Point Osmometer

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The freezing point osmometer K-7400S allows the easy and fast determination of the osmolality of various aqueous solutions. Also, the freezing point depression of the samples can be read. The proven technology of freezing point determination in combination with the robust and intelligent design of the device allows reproducible measurements. The instrument is equipped with a peltier cooler and an integrated microprocessor controlling the automated measurement. The freezing point osmometer is a standalone device that optionally can be equipped with a printer.

Sample volume: 150 µl

Osmolality range: 0 – 2000 mOsmol/kg

Resolution: osmolality; integer value without decimal part, e.g. 850 mOsmol, temperature; value with three digits, e.g. -1.576°C

Test time: ~ 2 min

Precision: SD ≤ 4 mOsmol/kg [0 — 400 mOsmol/kg], RSD ≤ 1 % [400 — 2000 mOsmol/kg]

Linearity: ± 1 % [0 -1500 mOsmol/kg], ± 1.5 % [0 – 2000 mOsmol/kg]

Calibration: Two-point calibration (0 mOsmol/kg and one freely selectable osmolality)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 160 x 182 x 340 mm

Weight: 5.3 kg

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