Sotax HT10 Tablet Hardness Tester

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The tablet hardness tester SOTAX HT 10 is designed to determine automatically the physical properties of tablets, coated tablets,  oblongs and similar administration forms. The unit enables hardness, thickness, diameter/length and weight of samples to be checked.
The hardness of a sample can be tested with the HT 10 unit according to two different measurement principles “Constant Speed” (the tablet is broken at a constant speed) or “Constant Force” (linear force increase up to the breakage of the tablet). The speed and the force increase can be freely selected in order to simulate exactly the measurement principle of various hardness testers.
The whole dimensions (diameter/length and thickness) of a sample can be tested automatically with the HT 10 unit. A balance may be connected to the HT 10 in order to weigh the sample.
The revolutionary Auto Alignment of HT 10 enables an automatic and rapid alignment of the sample prior to the hardness and diameter/length measurement.
During the design of HT 10, a high value has been set on a precise mechanism. In addition, this testing unit, very easy to operate, is sturdy and nearly maintenance free. 

Measurement principle: Constant Speed (0.05 – 2.50 mm/sec) and Constant Force (10 – 99 N/sec)
Measurement range hardness: 
5 – 500 N ± 1 N or 5 – 1000 N ± 2 N
0.510 – 51 Kp ± 0.102 Kp or 0.510 – 102 Kp ± 0.204 Kp
0.48 – 72.5 Sc ± 0.145 Sc or 0.48 – 145 Sc ± 0.290 Sc
Diameter/length: 0.00 – 30.00 mm ± 0.05 mm or inch
Thickness: 0.00 – 10.00 mm ± 0.05 mm 

Dimensions (W x D x H): 250 x 537 x 355 mm
Weight: 18 kg 

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