Leeman Hydra AF Automatic Mercury Analyzer

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The HYDRA AF system is designed to analyze liquid samples that contain mercury in solution. The analyzer contains a high efficiency sample introduction system and a high optical throughput atomic fluorescent (AF) spectrometer. 
Exceptional Dynamic Range (extends to nearly 250 ppb)
Leeman Labs proprietary gas/liquid separator provides exceptional recoveries even for samples that foam during the reduction step
High sample throughput for improved productivity and low cost of analysis
Maintenance free counter-flow nafion membrane dryer minimizes water vapor-based scatter in the fluorescence cell – giving exceptional detection limits
Continuous flow-through rinse minimizes sample carryover, even at ultra-low levels
Automatic baseline correction for drift-free analysis
Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
Low detection limits

High throughput 3 minute/sample in AF only mode
4-9 minutes/sample in the AF with gold trap mode
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